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Our Why

True wealth management encompasses every part of your life. We believe your wealth can align with the purpose and vision you have for yourself, your family, and the causes most important to you. This approach is what makes Evoke Wealth Management unique, and it requires intentional comprehensive planning. You deserve objective, actionable, and cost-effective financial advice driven by your goals. We’re here to help you dream bigger, accomplish more, and maximize the impact your wealth has, both on your life and your legacy.

Building a Legacy: The Impactful Journey of Athishay Gangadharan 

In this video, Athishay discusses his philosophy of aligning wealth with purpose and the importance of managing finances with integrity and foresight. He emphasizes the significance of understanding the deeper meaning behind wealth beyond mere numbers. Through his narrative, Athishay illustrates how personal hardships and experiences can lead to a passionate pursuit of helping others achieve financial freedom and security.

Athishay's story is not just about financial success but about instilling hope, imparting wisdom, and transforming lives through financial education. Whether you're facing financial challenges or aiming to give your own financial strategies a more meaningful direction, this video will offer valuable insights and encouragement. Join us and be part of Athishay's mission to enrich lives, one financial plan at a time.

The Financial Wisdom of Craig Petrassi: From Portfolio to Freedom

In this video discover how Craig's upbringing and his grandfather's influence shaped his views on wealth management and his mission to help others achieve financial freedom. Learn about the unique approach of his firm in handling investments in-house and how they educate clients to thrive through economic upheavals.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, Craig's stories and strategies, from long-term investing to the importance of consistent financial planning, offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to secure their financial future.

The Unique Financial Planning Approach of Howard Reizun

In this video you get to meet Howard, a financial advisor with a passion for purposeful planning. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Howard shares how a negative early experience with investing sparked his dedication to helping others achieve their financial goals with integrity and clarity.

From discussing the principles that make his approach unique to offering personal insights on financial preparedness, Howard dives deep into the importance of aligning wealth with larger life objectives. Whether you're interested in retirement, college planning, or estate management, Howard's expertise illuminates the path to financial understanding and security.

Kristoffer Fu's Journey from Family Business Lessons to Financial Transition Specialist

Get to know Kris as he shares his personal journey with money and discusses the core values and distinctive approach of their financial planning services. Growing up in a hardworking family faced with financial adversity, Kris explains how early challenges and overcoming personal financial mismanagement shaped his professional mission.

He reveals how Evoke transcends traditional wealth management, focusing on aligning clients' wealth with their life's purpose and leveraging financial resources for the greater good.

Meet Valbona Camaj: A Personal Touch in Wealth Management

Get to know Valbona Camaj, a vibrant team member at Evoke, who brings a unique perspective to her role in client services within the wealth management industry. In this video, Val shares her personal journey from growing up in a financially secure household, empowered by hard-working parents, to her professional life where she emphasizes the importance of education, hard work, and client relationships.